Frequently Asked Questions


What will the meals be like during The Justice School?

Breakfast: Breakfasts will be self-prep/serve.

The following are our breakfast options:

Food: Toast, Eggs, Yogurt, Croissants, Veggies, Fruit, Cheese

Condiments: Butter, Strawberry Jam, Syrup

Drinks: Filtered Water, Coffee & Tea

If you prefer other breakfast items such as protein shakes, Thai street food etc, you will provide that on your own and will not be reimbursed.

Lunches & Dinners: Lunches and dinners are cooked daily by our staff six days per week. Typical lunch and dinner meals include delicious home-made Thai dishes with rice and fruit for dessert at least 3 days per week.

Meals Out: If on a Justice School outing, a one-portion meal will be provided. If you would like extra or specialty drinks or items, they will be at your own expense.

Special Considerations: If you have any dietary special needs, our staff will do our best to accommodate alternatives for you. Although, we ask that you bring protein bars or have a back-up plan in the case we are in an area that special considerations can’t be made.


What happens if I get sick?

If you do get sick, we ask that you notify a staff-member immediately. It is important that you do not suffer dehydration and that we are able to monitor your symptoms until you have made a full recovery.

If you or our staff feel that you need medical attention, you will be taken to Bangkok Pattaya Hospital Clinic. If you need hospital level attention, you will be taken to Bangkok Pattaya Hospital. Both are the best medical option available in our city of Pattaya.


Is there a dress code?

If doing ministry at a school or business, it is important to dress properly. Nice t-shirts of any type are fine. Nice jeans are fine also. If you are in a ministry setting it is better for the guys to wear either polo shirts or a button up shirt when not doing practical work but nice t-shirts will be OK for many things. In ministry settings the girls will need to dress more conservative. Jeans and capris are ok (no shorts). You can bring several pairs of shorts to wear inside your rooms or to play sports, but shorts are not worn when doing ministry. Many clothing items are also cheap and easily available in Thailand, however larger sizes for ladies are hard to find.


How much do we have to fundraise total?



What does the $5,800 cover?

It covers your round trip plane ticket from LAX to BKK, your lodging while you're there, your food except for the weekends, your curriculum, and the guest speakers. You would just need to bring spending money and money for food on the weekends.


How soon do we have to raise the $5,800?

Your initial deposit is $1,500 and it is due Nov. 1st, 2017. For the 5 months following (Dec-April), you will owe another $860 on the 1st of the month.


How in the world do I go about raising that much money?

We will come alongside of you with fundraising ideas, and we have seen countless students do it in the past through different creative outlets. It takes hard work, but having the payment plan helps you out to raise it little by little over time!


What happens if I miss one of the deadlines?

You will be allowed two warning extensions out of the six payments before you are dropped. The extensions will be until the 15th of that month. We do this because it can get very overwhelming when you fall behind and have to raise more the next month. It helps you stay on track!


What does a day at the Justice School look like?

Sample Daily Schedule for TJS 2018

8:00 AM - Personal Devotion & Breakfast

9:30 AM - Travel to Class

10:00 AM - Worship

11:00 AM - Thrive Lecture on Weekly Module

12:00 PM - Traditional Thai Lunch

1:00 PM - Special Training or Guest Speaker

5:00 PM - Travel Home

5:30 PM - Home-Cooked Thai Dinner

6:00 PM - Free Time

8:00 PM - Red Light District

10:00 PM - Bed Time